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What is The Home Token Project?
We own & develop  private residential communities
in beautiful environments for your new tiny home. 
We also sell affordable tiny homes exclusively for 
"Incredible Tiny Homes".
Our communities are strategically designed to keep your monthly living expense as low as possible.  
We accept crypto payments!

Own Your Home Mortgage Free!
Free Utilities Forever!
8ft x 16ft basic model:   $20k                                                    8ft x 20ft: Add $5k          Solar powered model:  $27.5k
Complete off-grid:       $32.5k
(solar, 500g rain catchment system, professionally installed compost toilet)
Move Your New Home Into Our 1st Residential Community!
$150 per month lot rent in our premier residential crypto community located
in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. 
Tow it away with a standard size pickup truck!
The manufacturer will deliver to your address.

The Home Token Project is also the world's first
 tiny home community to accept crypto payments for rent!

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