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About Incredible Tiny Homes: 


You will be purchasing your home directly from Incredible Tiny Homes; a low cost tiny home manufacturer in Newport, Tennessee. We chose this company as the exclusive home manufacturer for our communities because they clearly distinguish themselves unique in the industry, with solid construction at an incredible value. They have a vision statement that is harmonious with ours, and their Founder, CEO Randy Jones is genuinely inspiring in his approach to affordable living.   

We are a sales representative of Incredible Tiny Homes; so they are offering a $500 discount if you place the order with us. This relationship is limited to their "Incredibox" tiny house model.  The standard size model is 8'x16', and the XL model is 8'x20'. 

Buyers can purchase their tiny home from us and receive a   $500.00 discount from the manufacturer's direct sale price.  Order & payment instructions are found in the "PURCHASE" menu above. 


If you already own an Incredible Tiny Home, or you choose to purchase one from another authorized sales rep, you are still welcome in our communities!  

The base model tiny home for $20,000 is completed construction, with a kitchen sink, countertop & cabinets, standard toilet, shower, water heater, electrical outlets, entry stairs. 

The solar powered model is $27,500 and includes one energy storage battery. There is an upgrade option for an extra storage battery @ $1,800.00 for people with higher energy needs. 

The complete off-grid model is $32,500 and includes the solar system, plus a 500 gallon rainwater catchment system, 35 gallon grey water holding tank, tankless water heater w/ propane tank, and a professionally installed compost toilet!   

*This model is required for the early pioneers of our first residential community that want to move in early while we build the utility infrastructure on the property to accommodate utility-dependent models** 

The 8'x20" size upgrade is an additional $5k to all models above. 

There are more upgrades available from the manufacturer as well, including a mini-split air conditioning system, tankless water heater option and more. These upgrade options will be available on the order form, and you can easily find more information about them on their website.

You get the best price for a complete house with solid construction and the final paint & decorations are DIY.

Randy Jones, Founder & CEO of Incredible Tiny Homes has the best tutorials & demonstrations of the homes, so we're going to provide you with direct links to his videos and company website. Just remember to place your final order on our website to get a $500 discount.


The 8" x16' base model includes: 

  • Un-Finished Steel Panels

  • Trailer (Steel)

  • Metal Roof

  • Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation

  • 36” Insulated Metal Door

  • Gutters on the Front

  • 3- 3’ x 4’ Single Hung Vinyl Windows

  • 2-2’ x 3’ Single Hung Vinyl Windows

  • 19-Gallon Water Heater

  • Standard Elongated Toilet

  • 36” Shower w/ Delta Faucet

  • 2 Kitchen Cabinets White:

    • 30” Sink Base

    • 24” 3 Drawer Base

  • 6’ Butcher Block Countertop

  • Cutting Board

  • 1 Kitchen Light

  • 1 Bathroom Light

  • 1 Switch Plug Light in the Living Room

  • 1 Exterior Porch Light

  • 1 Exterior Plug

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Smoke Detector

  • Vinyl Flooring

  • Single Bowl Stainless Steel Sink w/ Gooseneck Faucet

  • 34” x 92” Storage Loft Above Bathroom

  • Interior Plugs

    • 1 Bathroom

    • 2 Kitchen

    • 4 Living Room



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