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About Our Residential Communities: 

The Home Token Project develops tiny home residential communities in beautiful environments for you to live in your tiny home, strategically designed to keep your monthly expense as low as possible. 


Our communities are exclusively for "Incredible Tiny Homes". 


The ultimate goal of the Home Token Project is to develop a network of truly affordable next-gen residential communities throughout the world, wherever allowed, functioning with a cryptocurrency payment option for sales & rentals, and transacting business within the community we build. 

Our first property is in Arkansas, in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Although rural, it is within convenient distance to grocery, medical, and other services, and within reasonable distance to multiple cities. 

If you purchase your tiny home from The Home Token Project, you can opt to move into our residential community for $150 per month lot rent, and can choose the length of your rental guaranteed at that price. You can also leave whenever you want without breaking a lease agreement if you don't like living there, with a simple 30 days written notice. Your home was intentionally designed to legally tow with an ordinary pickup truck and is below minimum width that would require a special permit.  

We will also offer transfers to other property locations in the future, as we acquire and develop new communities. You will be responsible to tow your own unit to your new community. 

We only accept Home Tokens for payment of lot rent in the $150 per month deal. 


We will temporarily accept traditional payment methods at our standard rental rate  of $200 per month, but will eventually phase this option out to further our goal in building utility purpose and value for our cryptocurrency. 

The first group of lots available to rent are exclusive for buyers of the "Complete Off-Grid" model, and will be the early pioneers of The Home Token Project. There will be a very generous space between lots in the off-grid section of the community. 

After we finish the buildout of the utility infrastructure, we will be able to accommodate utility dependent models. These lots will grouped closer together for utility purposes, but will still have a very comfortable amount of space between each other. 

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