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How To Order 
& Pay For Your Tiny Home

Dollar Bills

How to Order a Tiny Home

You will be purchasing directly from the manufacturer and making payment directly to the manufacturer.

1. Go to "Place Your Order" Page

2. Select the Incredibox model size and the accessory options you want included.

3.  Submit your order request using our contact form.

4. We will contact you within 24 hours and confirm all of your choices, answer any of your questions to make absolutely sure your final order is correct.

5. Then we will send you a link to the docusign order form based on your choices. This automatically gets submitted to the manufacturer. 

The manufacturer will contact you directly within 48 hours to finalize your order & payment, and coordinate your self-pickup or delivery options. 

*This process provides an opportunity to make a change to your order, or identify an error with your existing order.



How to Order a Tiny Home if
Paying With Crypto 

We currently only accept crypto payments for lot rentals in our residential community(s). 


You will be purchasing your tiny home directly from the manufacturer, and they do not accept crypto payments at this time.


Notes for crypto enthusiasts:

  • In the future, we will have the capability to pre-purchase units in USD, delivered to the community and you can reimburse the project via crypto payment upon arrival and conveniently move in. 

  • The HOME token is a brand new cryptocurrency and does not yet have the market cap or liquidity to handle $20k+ transactions. This would result in astronomical skyrocketing & plummeting price fluctuations, as the project would in fact need to convert a high percentage of the transaction to USD in order to purchase a replacement unit for the next resident.  

  • Accepting HOME tokens for lot rentals only is a slow but safer way to build the liquidity needed to be able to offer the same for home purchases in the future, which is a long-term goal of the project. 



Image by chris robert

How to Rent a Lot in Our Residential Community

We accept cash, check or crypto for payment of lot rent in our residential community.

1. Go to "Place Your Order" Page

2. Select "Rent a Lot  In Our Community"

3. Complete the rental application and click "submit form"

The rental application will ask for the following info: 

  • KYC





  • CRYPTO WALLET ADDRESS that will be used to make rent payment if using this option.

4a. New Renters:

We will respond to your rental registration within 48 hours.

We will review your registration and send a rental agreement with balance due upon approval. 

You will also receive instructions and assistance for moving into your lot space. 


*If you chose crypto as a payment choice, we will recommend that you send a $1 test transaction from the same wallet address you provided on your registration form, prior to making your 1st rental payment just to make sure the address is correct.


You can conveniently send the entire payment due from the same wallet address you provided on your original registration if paying with crypto. We will send confirmation and your fully executed renewal contract. 

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