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The Founder of the Project

Phil Preston is the founder of The Home Token Project. He will be a fully doxed administrator of the project immediately upon completion of registration of the legal entity & corporate status. 

Phil owned and served as CEO for a US security company with 30 employees for the last 17 years and has experienced the affordable housing crisis on a street level, as a mediator between the homeless, police & emergency response, and the property owners affected by their desperate behavior. 

Phil has also been an equities investor & trader for 15 years, initially invested in Bitcoin using the "5% of portfolio rule" at the time, and slowly transitioned more heavily into cryptocurrency. A big fan of Ethereum when it first launched, but admittingly couldn't conceive the application of the technology as world-changing disruptive technology in the physical world we live in. The era of defi changed everything and Phil is now a full-time, hardcore crypto enthusiast and activist for the next progression of integrating this technology in the physical world we live in.

One of Phil's strongest professional skills in business is cost-efficiency, This project will be run with the same frugality and cost management approach. The treasury will also be managed with the same tight controls. It is fair to say that via 2 degrees of separation, cost-efficiency equates to increased token value. Phil also believes that we are going to shock the world with how little money we were able to build an entire residential community from scratch, and the prototype community will reveal an economic ability to scale.


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