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TOKEN NAME:      "The Home Token"


BLOCKCHAIN:      Ethereum Mainnet

TOTAL SUPPLY:    250,000,000

CIRC. SUPPLY:      250,000


The HOME token is a utility instrument, used as a form of payment currency within the network of the Home Token Project's residential communities. 

The goal & purpose of the HOME token is for the project to have a useful native currency for it's entire network of tiny home residential communities, as part of an overall development plan specifically catering to crypto enthusiasts. 

The HOME token is not an investment product and is not a representation of ownership shares in a company.  There is no ICO or other presale and/or custodianship offering. 

Tokens are available to purchase exclusively on DEX (decentralized automated exchanges), in automated liquidity pools. Tokens will enter the circulating supply exclusively via these pools. 


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