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The Whitepaper


  What is The Home Token Project?

  1.   We offer developed rental lots in beautiful private residential communities at a low cost for tiny home owners.

  2.   We also sell the "Incredibox" tiny home, for Incredible Tiny Homes, LLC. 

  3.   We accept crypto for payment of rent.


   The location of the properties are primarily chosen on the basis of legality. One of the greatest challenges for tiny home owners is finding a         place to live, as many local & state governing authorities have zoning laws that prohibit tiny homes, most often due to not meeting minimum 

   square footage requirements. The Home TokenProject offers an additional rental option for total off-grid tiny homes wherever allowed. There 

   very few places where this is allowed. 

  1. The premier property is in Calico Rock, Arkansas. It is nestled in the Ozark mountains and has a beautiful natural waterfall on property. It has a very deep well that produces excellent water that is safe for drinking without additional filtration necessary, and septic system for sanitized waste removal. Electricity and high-speed internet is offered in this community. Complete off-grid rentals are also available at a lower price. Rates for each rental option are publiished on the project's website. 

  2. Future properties will be made possible via partnerships with landowners in other US locations, as well as international locations, providing that they are willing to offer rentals for tiny home owners and accept our native currency (HOME token) as an optional form of payment for rent.  They will not be required to charge the same rate for their lot rentals however. The project will advertise these properties as part of their total network of properties for customers to choose from. 

  3. The utility purpose of the project's native currency will naturally continue to increase as the network of properties increases. This is a major goal of The Home Token Project.


   This is where the biggest change from the original whitepaper, roadmap and plan exists. As a matter of practicality, and to completely                   eliminate the need to raise capital via token sales, the founder has formed a sales partnership with an existing manufacturer that builds a low     cost tiny home model named the "Incredibox", which is a perfect fit for the specific goals of The Home Token Project.

  1. The manufacturing company is named Incredible Tiny Homes, LLC., headquartered in Newport, Tennessee, USA. 

  2. The Home Token Project has no ownership interest, brand rights, or any other administrative rights to the manufacturing company.

  3. The structure of the relationship is as follows:  

                a) The founder of the project is classified as an authorized sales representative for Incredible Tiny Homes, LLC. 

                b) The relationship is restricted to one tiny home model that the manufacturer offers, named "The Incredibox"

                c) At the time of writing this whitepaper, the manufacturer informally allows members of their sales rep program to use their                                      advertisement material to generate sales. This could change in the future, and if so, The Home Token project will comply without                          challenge upon notice. 

               d) The manufacturer offers a dual incentive to promote sales via their sales reps program; a $500.00 commision to sales reps, and a                       $500.00 instant discount for the customer, which they would otherwise not receive if purchasing direct from manufacturer. 


   What is the purpose of the HOME token?

  1. The HOME token is a pure utility currency, for the purpose of renting a lot in our residential community(s), or purchasing a tiny home. 

  2. The HOME token makes it possible for The Home Token Project to accept cryptocurrency for payment. 

   Who owns the HOME token?

  1. The Home Token Project is a non-profit organization and serves as a foundation for the free distribution of tokens to it's community, launching the token on a decentralized exchange for public sale, establishing initial liquidity for public sale, and building liquidity to improve efficiency of DEX transactions. 

  2. Upon completion of distribution of tokens to it's community and the DEX liquidity pool, the HOME token will become a trustless/ownerless treasury. 

   What are the tokenomics of the HOME token?

The HOME token is an erc-20 token and will be launched on Ethereum mainnet. 

The total supply is 250,000,000 tokens. The smart contract does not allow an increase in supply via minting, and does not have a transaction fee or burn feature built into it. These features are all necessary for the goal of becoming an ownerless treasury for pure utility in the future.  

There is no ICO, seed round(s), private rounds, whitelist rounds or any private presale. Therefore, the expectation is a slow and  steady build of market cap and liquidity pool. Early buyers of the token will be continuously rewarded with free tokens for not dumping their purchased tokens on the rest of the community.

The inital free distrbution of HOME tokens takes place in April & May, 2023.  

           a) 1000 free tokens are awarded to all new members immediately upon joining any of our social media communities and is not                        task related. Each new member can earn a max of 3000 tokens for joining all of them. 

           b)  An additional 10,000 tokens are awarded to members that opt to join our "community builder" program 

           c)  An additional 30,000 tokens are awarded to the designated "Community Marketing Manager"


The team tokens are vested for one year. 

           a) Founder & CEO is awarded a single lifetime compensation of 10% of supply for the creation, design, logistics and management                 of the project. He has also renewed his vesting schedule from last year for the benefit of the project, community and health of                     the treasury. 

           b) The sales coordinator will be awarded 100,000 tokens, unlocked one year from date of agreement, conditionally, according to                     continuous active participation outlined in the agreement.   

 There is no established monetary value at the time of distribution to the aforementioned groups & individuals listed in 1-5. Any tokens

distributed after launch price is officially determined will have a monetary value at time of distribution, and therefore a taxable event at       the time of issuance, in which the project must report to itsa tax authority as a form of compensation issued to a recipient, rather than       at the time of a transaction.  ​

All remaining supply after official public launch will either be distributed into the liquidity pool via continuous process of building                  liquidity, or distributed directly to community members for free, via promotional events, or task related rewards, or incentive bonus for          joining team in a more formal role. 

Transitioning to a trustless/ownerless treasury will be complete immediately following 100% distribution of total supply and a locked liquidity pool. 



  The Home Token Project

A non-profit organization.

Exists to serve the landowners, tiny home buyers, renters, and token treasury.

Similar but not identical to a homeowners association. 

  Land Owners / Landlords

Individuals or entities that own the land in which lot rentals are offered.

Provides rental lots according to the features of The Home Token Project.

Included in the advertised rental properties of The Home Token Project. 


Tiny homeowners that pay a monthly lot fee to live in any of the residential communities of The Home Token Project 

Individuals that do not own a tiny home, and pay a monthly fee to rent a tiny home in any of the residential communities.

  Token Holders

The HOME token is available to the general public via decentralized exchange without any requirement to become a landowner, tiny home buyer or tenant in any of the residential communities of The Home Token Project.



  2. April 1, 2023 - May 31, 2023: 

Community Building.  

Free airdrop token promotions for joining social media. Additional airdrop tokens for members with marketing abilities.

  3. June 1, 2023 - August 5, 2023: 

Public Presale Launch of The Home Token.  Ticker symbol: HOME

Self-Custody, public fair launch @$0.01.

UniSwap Decentraliized Exchange, Ethereum Mainnet.

Airdrop promotions change focus toward boosting presale.

No ICO, private seed round(s), private sale, vested sale or token custody.

Out-of-pocket intial founder investment of liquidity for LP trading.

Additional out-of pocket founder investment of liquidity, and lowered presale pricing, improved tokenomics for presale purchasers.

Out-of-pocket Founder Marketing Spend, with Additional Token Spend.

June budget awarded to community member with highest demonstration of community building during April & May promotion.

The purpose of this strategy is to reward the same people that have an existing genuine interest & demonstration of support of the project.

Additional out-of-pocket marketing spend for registration fees, listing sites and digital tools.

Additional out-of-pocket market spend on previous marketer for comparative analysis

July marketing budget TBD based on June analysis.

Land Development Construction

Well drilling and installation

Septic system installation

Gravel driveway leveling and installation

Additional land clearing (to be performed by founder, filmed and broadcasted on project's YouTube channel) 

  4. August 5, 2023

Official Public Launch & Grand Opening Event

Lot Rentals become available and move-in ready

  5. August-September, 2023

TBD, based on successful launch of the HOME token.

Lot rentals and tiny home sales will have continued availability, and are not dependent on a successful token launch.

Landowners will have continued opportunity to join The Home Token Project, and is not dependent on a successful token launch. 

  6. 4th Quarter, 2023



  7. 1st Quarter, 2024












ARCHIVED - If you're interested in the original whitepaper of the project:

UPDATE:  We attempted to launch the Home token too early in the development of the project and discovered we did not reach the crypto community needed  to establish a digital currency for the project with the founder's O.O.P. ad spend. We are simply going to use a different approach to accomplish the original goal of creating a tiny home community and crypto micro nation. The whitepaper will be modified to represent this change. The original whitepaper shown below  will be preserved and archived indefinitely for future viewing and assessment of the project's complete history, 



  • The Home Token project is building a next-gen affordable housing community.

  • The Home Token Project is an off-grid homesteading solution to unaffordable housing, by creating its own digital currency & self-governance system from scratch and building a brand new self-sustainable income producing residential community from ground zero.

  • The first phase is a prototype community and will be built by 20 contestants of a survival reality show competition, sponsored and hosted by The Home Token Project. This is an innovative approach to a low cost build with built-in marketing appeal, and provides a win-win for both the project & the 20 contestants.

  • The tiny homes built in the second phase will be sold and/or rented on the public market, launching the economic phase of the project.   

  • ​The Home Token Project is ultimately building a completely tokenized micro-nation in the real world. ​​

  • The Home Token Project will have it's own native cryptocurrency referred to as the "Home Token". The entire project will be powered by the tokenomics of the Home Token.  It is the exclusive utility token of the micro-community project. It is not intended as a security investment product or a charitable instrument. The project founder and team will have a vested interest in creating, increasing and maintaining value of it's native token to ensure the success of it's utility purpose. For that reason exclusively, it will gatekeep the treasury in the interest of all participants in the system, including the token holders. The token symbol is: "HOME"

  • The Home Token Project will have its own reality show on YouTube, with a diverse team of hosts that have knowledge and expertise in at least one specific relevant part of the overall project. Genre-specific stars & hosts of the YouTube community will also be invited to the show, and hopefully become inspired to become active expert contributors on the actual homestead property. The reality show will track the lives and progress of the 20 homestead participants. The show is going to be entertaining like a survivor reality series with a twist. The competition will be rigged for them to all succeed, with all the equipment, materials and human support needed to do so. The reality show is intended to further build a strong community of support for the field project, and will dually serve as a crypto news & progress update portal for the Home Token. 

  • The Home Token Project will invite 20 homeless contestants to build a self-sustainable homesteading micro-community in the first season.  Season 1 will serve as a proof of concept prototype for larger scale developing of the micro-nation and expansion into international projects starting in season 2. 

  • The 20 participants will be provided all the basic needs for survival for the entire season, in a brand new environment, away from the constant reminders of the former competition they lost in society, with a genuine fresh start on a level playing field. The reality show will make it fun & entertaining, but the ultimate goal of the project in addition to solving the shelter problem is to inspire the will & desire to participate in community, be rewarded, and be fulfilled. 

  • The Home Token Project founder and core development team will be fully doxed immediately following registration filing of the corporation, prior to official launch of it's utility token. Ambassadors & other contributors will not be required to dox themselves, but hopefully inspired by the project enough to do so willingly.  

  • The Home Token Project will be a registered not-for-profit corporation in the United States, most likely in the state of Florida. (to be confirmed soon). Obtaining 501c status will come at a later time in the project, to attract traditional donations from large corporations and philanthropical organizations. All contributions will be received in the form of Home Tokens, even if the project has to convert them on the receiving end.  


  • The non-profit organization exists to serve two purposes: 

          1. Provide a real-world tangible benefit for the residents of the community it builds. 

                  a) Affordable housing.

                  b) Self-sustainable homesteading lifestyle in a micro-community powered by it's own cryptocurrency system. 

                  c) Scaling the first residential community prototype into a larger economic community.

                  d) Copy the prototype in Asia, Europe and beyond, further expanding the ecosystem of it's own crypto micro-nation 

           2. Create, increase & protect the value of the Home Token and it's treasury; the currency that funds and powers the ecosystem of

               the real-world application. The micro-nation will have it's own micro-currency and governance system.    

  • The Home Token Project will demonstrate how simple and economically viable it is in the digital world to provide solutions for a problem that our municipalities are unable to deal with effectively. ​

  • The Home Token Project is going to produce a prototype of just about every crypto enthusiast's dream and vision for the future...a genuine cryptocurrency society. 

  • The Home Token Project will use that prototype from season 1 to expand the tokenized micro-nation, growing the use and value of the Home Token. 

  • The Home Token is not a security investment, nor is it a stablecoin currency.  The project forecasts a growth period of the token price as the project expands, and eventual stabilization of price as a utility currency, similar to a fiat system, which it will gatekeep and protect similarly. 

The next section of whitepaper is formatted to be user-friendly for all levels of reference reading, by organizing the deeper level of finer detail directly within the summary statements.

         1. The summary-style reader can exclusively follow the "Vision Statement & Purpose" in black ink.

         2. The deep-diving researcher will conveniently find the "Logistics & Details" section in blue ink, with indent from left border, contained in the same section. It also allows the

            reader to perform a summary research , and when landing on a specific area of interest, can conveniently read the finer details of that topic

           without having to fetch it somewhere else on the website or via external DD.  ​


NOTICE: This whitepaper is incomplete and has been published early for public previewing of the project. It is still in development. This notice in red ink will be removed when the whitepaper is complete. 

Vision Statement & Purpose (black font)

         Logistics & Details          (indented blue font)


  • The ultimate goal of the Home Token Project is to restore permanent residence & a continuous self-sustainable, enjoyable lifestyle citizens that have been priced out of the housing market, empowered by a new economic model in a micro-community environment. 

    • The homeless citizens chosen for season 1 will be referred to as "contestants" or ""participants" throughout this whitepaper. The video podcast series will be more simply referred to as "the show".  The founder & development team will be more simply referred to as "the project" or "the team", depending on the most appropriate context.

    • The homestead participants will be provided with a free cell phone, a MetaMask wallet and free Home tokens as stipends on day 1 of arrival, and therefore will also be token holders. 

    • The homestead participants are allowed to sell their tokens and convert to cash at anytime, affording the ability to interact financially outside of the micro-community, for needs that can't be fulfilled in their self-reliant community. They are only asked to exclusively use the native currency for trade within the community it represents.  

    • The homestead participants will be provided with opportunities to earn more Home tokens while living in the micro-community. 

    • The homestead participants will also each receive an autobiographical NFT collection, which they are allowed to sell at any time of their choosing. They will be the sole owners of their personalized NFT, with 100% property rights. This feature alone may turn out to be a life-changing reversal of fortune for them, especially if they become stars of the show. The actual financial cost to provide this opportunity is tiny, and the financial consequence of failure is practically zero.  ​

  • The first mission of the project is a duty to attract all of the people needed to launch the podcast series on YouTube, the official Twitter & Telegram channels, and the micro-community homestead itself. We are already seeking the following people: 

    • The 20 homeless contestants. This will be gender-balanced to the best of the team's recruiting ability. 

    • The specialized podcast hosts of the Home Token Show mentioned above.

    • As many volunteers as possible with applicable expertise in at least one specific area of homesteading, construction/skilled trades, survivalist skills, farming/gardening, remote-based occupation, or any unforeseen skill that could be beneficial to the participants success. 

    • A Musician, or synthetic sound producer that can provide theme and background music for the show without violating copyright infringement laws.

    • As many social media marketers and contributors as we can possibly find and inspire to be a part of this project.

    • Telegram & Twitter community moderators

  • The second mission of the project is a duty to symbiotically create token value and generate working capital, using very simple but intelligent tokenomics and a strong community to support it.   

    • There will NOT be an ICO, IDO, whitelisting process, presale, private launch, or any variation thereof. The project team will not raise capital from from presale investors in any shape or form. 

    • There will be a simple published date for a public launch on each exchange. Everyone will have the same opportunity to purchase the very first Home tokens to hit the open market, simply by showing up on that day, whether you want to buy one token or one million home tokens. The countdown clock will be displayed on the home page of the website at all times. This might redefine the term "fair launch".

    • The Home token launch price will be set to $.01 (one penny)

    • The founder of the project will supply the initial pair liquidity out-of-pocket since there will be no fundraising via presales. The matching Home tokens will be the initial circulating supply. 

    • The team will strategically sell the bare minimum amount of tokens from its treasury needed to further build the liquidity pool on UniSwap, until the slippage rate of transactions is acceptable to the crypto community. 

    • The remaining 500m tokens will be launched at a later time on Polygon & Algorand networks. 

    • The team will also monitor the liquidity levels throughout the entirety of the project, and will tap into its treasury to replenish any deficiencies in the liquidity pool whenever needed, and will publish these actions on the website. This will dually serve as an efficient, purpose driven method of increasing the circulating supply harmonious with it's growth in demand, rather than predetermined, possibly unnecessary increases to supply. 

    • The maximum supply of the Home token is one billion, and will NEVER increase. There will be no minting option, burn option, pause/freeze option, blacklist option, deflationary option, or any hidden admin key option embedded into the smart contract. 

    • The maximum total supply on each blockchain will be 250 million tokens. This will circumvent external entities from capitalizing on our project with peg tokens, and instead provide arbitrage opportunities for our own existing token holders to serve as market makers & maintain a global aggregated price with a win-win method for our own community. This also eliminates the risk of getting hacked using bridges, at least until the cryptoverse finds a secure solution to that current problem,  A win-win concept for the project and it's token holders. An undesirable concept for peg token creators and hackers of bridge technology. 

  • The third mission of the project is a duty to secure cheap land that is optimal for self-sustainable homestead living, free of zoning restrictions, large enough to scale up in season 2,  and to install the necessary infrastructure in preparation for hosting the initial 20 participants.  

    • The target location that best fits all the criteria for the project is in East Arkansas. 

    • Soil quality for farming & gardening, freedom to build, size of continuous land availability and price are the top major factors in this determination. 


  • The fourth mission of the project is a duty to protect the treasury of the cryptocurrency system and the value of the utility token, for its intended purpose in the real world application. This will be accomplished using a tokenomics method that is unique in the crypto universe, but shares similarities with the monetary reserve structure in fiat systems. More simply put, the team will exclusively release supply from its treasury only when needed to function, and with full transparency, governance & accountability and provide explanation of necessity to the participants of the system, rather than distribution on a programmed schedule.  The team will also buy back tokens, removing supply from circulation whenever it has the means to do so and will result in a net-positive gain for the participants within the ecosystem. The team's goal is to fund as little as possible from it's treasury, and to get as many sponsors and contributors to replace budget cost. Even more simply put, the team's duty is to keep the treasury reserve of token supply as high as possible, and circulation as low as afforded to maintain it's healthy function in application and preserve the value of the Home token. 

  • The fifth mission of the project is a duty in the field, to build the self-sustainable micro-community for permanent living.  

    • Map the 20-person, 1st season homestead section plot of land.

    • Establish a main road entrance to the private land prior to participants arrival

    • Establish water source and drainage septic system prior to participants arrival.

    • Pour 20 small concrete foundations, 10 on each side of main street. (to be named later) prior to the participants arrival, and one large concrete slab for the community-shared structures, one of which is a storage shed, the other will be equipped with plumbing and electricity for food prep, cooking, washing, bathing. dining.  

    • Take delivery on 22 shell structures prior to participants arrival. 

    • Install solar equipment on each structure and Starlink satellite internet in community-shared building prior to participants arrival 

    • Order materials, tools, equipment, non-perishable food and other necessities prior to participants arrival, and arrange for delivery or expedite internally on the day of participants arrival. This will also be a "tv event".  




    • One of the criteria for choosing the location and land for the project in Arkansas was it's ability for the participants to create income streams, particularly agriculture. Effort will be made to help the participants get setup. 


  • The sixth  mission is a duty to award ownership of the land to the remaining participants of the micro-community they created.  SUCCESS!​

    • If zoning laws allow us to do so, we will break up the land into sub plots and each individual  will be awarded ownership of their own plot and structure.

    • An alternative path to ownership will be pursued if prohibited by a zoning authority.  

    • The participants may also choose to decline ownership of the land, and continue homesteading on it.

    • Fees and costs incurred by the NPO will be collected from new property owners in the form of HOME tokens exclusively.  


  • The 2nd phase of the project will be the next evolution on a larger scale, and the beginning of the economic phase of the community it is building .

    • We will scale the prototype in the USA into a larger community on the same land, We will copy the prototype in multiple continents across the globe. Global support from the crypto community must be matched with a global benefit.

    • The tiny homes built will properties of the NPO, sold and/or rented to the public.

    • We will build a solar mining farm and setup a mining operation (pending upcoming legislation)


  • Total Token Supply: 1 billion

  • 250 million tokens on each of our 4 networks: Ethereum, BSC, Algorand, Polygon.

  • Eliminates need for 3rd party peg tokens, or bridges & the inherent risk associated with using them. 

  • Smart contracts have no additional minting option, no burning option, no admin tax or fee option.

  • 50% of total supply will be injected into circulation, strategically rather than scheduled, over a two year period.

  • 50% of supply will be kept in the treasury as reserve currency indefinitely. 

  • If the NPO encounters a need for capital after the two years of distribution, it may access the reserves, with the goal of future buyback to maintain 50% level of currency reserves. This will be the ongoing purpose and function of the community's treasury. 

  • Initial Launch Distribution: 

    • 25 million tokens on Ethereum network via UniSwap exchange. (August 5 - August 31, 2022)

    • 25 million tokens on BSC network via PancakeSwap exchange. (August 5 - August 31, 2022)

    • 25 million tokens on Algorand network via AlgoDex exchange.  (To be announced in December, 2022)

    • 25 million tokens on Polygon network via QuickSwap exchange.  (To be announced in December, 2022)

  • Free distribution of tokens to community members:

    • There is no ICO, seed round(s), private rounds, whitelist rounds or any presale. Therefore, the expectation is a slow and steady build of market cap. Early buyers of the token will be continuously rewarded with free tokens for not dumping their purchased tokens on the rest of the community. 

    • No blanket airdrops. All free token promotions will be strategically designed to reward community members for following and continuously supporting the growth of the project, and this campaign will be continuous and significant. 

    • The free token promotions will be broadcasted on our YouTube channel as dedicated videos, and secondary links across Twitter, Discord & Telegram



SCRATCH PAD   (unfinished, to be inserted into whitepaper when complete)

  • Growing the popularity of the show will make it very easy to get genre-specific sponsors to contribute on the homesite, in exchange for free commercial exposure. All sponsorships, in-the-field contributions and cost-saving innovations will serve to strengthen the fiscal health of the treasury, and subsequently the token price. ​​

  • ​Multi-chain tokenomics concept needs further articulation inserted into whitepaper:  Demonstrating the benefits of dividing the total supply into 4 networks, eliminating externally owned peg tokens and risk of bridges, the win-win of arbitrage opportunities for our own token holders to benefit from & serendipitously aggregating the price across the networks. 

  • Setting up a relationship with an external host for staking & yield farming, isolating that from the non-profit organization until there is regulatory clarity, so we don't lose status as a utility token, putting us in the crosshairs of an ongoing legal debate over security investments. It may make sense to do this on BSC first, since the transaction fees are more tolerable for the functions involved in the staking process. Biswap has incredible programs for young projects and is emerging on BSC as a viable PancakeSwap competitor. I have been following this project since last summer and the dev team has been amazing on every level. 


























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